Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Disney 2007

Today my challenge was attempt the Craft Swap Scrapbook Challenge for February. An easy task you might think - you have to used something red, something ripped and something round also two or more photos. Here is my first attempt as you might spot something is missing!

Yup I could only fit one photo on! I'm going to be in trouble when Lesley sees it Mouth At Side


Lesley said...

Hmmm - well as it is a lovely page I will let you off fifi!! Thank you for doing the challenge! xxx

Shaz said...

it's fantastic Fifi well done xx

Angie C said...

What a gorgeous page

Jozza said...

It's a gorgeous page. Makes me wanna go see mickey at eurodisney again!!

Lydia said...

Fabulous page Fifi...with just the ONE photo lol !! ^.^

You won't be in as much trouble as me...I haven't done mine at all yet!! *.*