Monday, 2 February 2009

Big Hug!

Trying to get into Lesley's good books early this month! This month challenge is to use one photo so that is what I did. I hope I got the rest right - you had to write by hand some journaling and use some metel embellishments so I did. I hope I did it right before I start on my next one!
Nope I've just looked - I was meant to use two different patterned papers! Oh well must try harderRolling Eyes


Lesley said...

:rolls eyes:

Fab LO though fiif so I will let you off! Thanks for doing the challenge so early! xx

Linda said...

Lovely LO Feefs.............better luck with the instructions next time! :)

Sam said...

Great photo Fifi and congratulations on such an early start to the challenge. I'd better get sorted quickly or it'll be me in the bad books for a change. lol